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About ES Bright Consultants

Our teams work on projects that make a real impact. From helping clients solve complex problems to driving positive change in the immigration industry.

Who are we?

Team of great people

ES Bright Consultants Team of Great People

We’re innovators with a strong work ethic, and we’re on a mission to make life better for our customers. 

If you’re someone who thrives in a dynamic, culturally rich, and financially rewarding environment, you’ve come to the right place. Join us in creating a brighter future for all!

ES Bright Consultants: Empowering Global Careers for a Decade

Meet Our Global Team

Discover the people behind our company’s success!

ES Bright Consultants: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Avishai C.

chief executive officer

Avishai serves as the visionary leader driving our company’s success in the competitive market landscape. He inspires our team to reach new heights of achievement and shape a brighter future for all.

Discover a career with purpose at ES Bright Consultants. Join our diverse team of innovators and change-makers, where every day is an opportunity to make an impact.

Nina M.

HR Manager

Nina plays a pivotal role in nurturing our most valuable asset – our people. She is dedicated to creating a workplace where individuals can excel, grow, and contribute to our collective success.

Dinko D.

Head of Operations

Dinko serves as the cornerstone of our organizational efficiency and effectiveness. He leads our team in delivering exceptional results and achieving our business objectives with precision and excellence.

ES Bright Consultants: Empowering Change, Inspiring Futures

Martin N.

hr officer

Martin is a vital contributor to our team, dedicated to supporting the day-to-day operations of our human resources department. He contributes to creating a positive and productive work environment for all employees at ES Bright Consultants.

Why Choose to Work with Us?​

A bustling office environment at ES Bright Consultants: People collaborating, discussing ideas, and working together.

Dynamic Work Environment

We foster a dynamic and collaborative work environment where creativity and innovation thrive.

Our team members are united by a shared commitment to excellence and mutual support, creating an environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their goals.

Supportive Team Culture​

We believe in the power of teamwork and encourages collaboration, creativity, and mutual growth.

From comprehensive healthcare and retirement savings options to flexible work arrangements and ongoing professional development opportunities, we're committed to empowering our team members to thrive both personally and professionally.

Competitive Benefits Package​

We offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to support our employees' overall well-being.

Exciting Events & Team Building Activities

Witness the energy, creativity, and collaboration that fuel our dynamic workplace culture. Explore the moments that define our vibrant workplace culture and discover why ES Bright Consultants is the ultimate destination for professional growth and fun-filled experiences.

Be part of our success story!

Explore our exciting career opportunities and be part of a company that values growth, excellence, and the success of its team members. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join our international team, start your application today!

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